Free Marketing Automation Software

Automate all your marketing campaigns and nurture your leads for improved sales through our free marketing automation software.
marketing automation software

How Marketing Automation Software Can Help Us?

Saleoid's Marketing Automation Software has capability to insight your leads, nurture your leads and co-ordinate with the sales team. It improves the user’s experience on the website & sales revenue on business.
Engagement Marketing

Build up a strong relationship with your customers and motivate them to visit your website again through our marketing automation software.

Automatic Segmentation

Our marketing automation software will categorize your customers and prospects automatically based on their demography, preferences and interests amongst others.

Real Time Personalization

Personalize web and mobile interactions with your customers. Generate and target relevant content to engage most of your users.


Generate qualified leads for your business and convert them further into sales with the help of this marketing automation software. There are some advanced features of this tool that differentiate it from other marketing tools.

Send Auto Response to Gain the Visitor Trust:

Our free marketing automation software will automatically respond to emails within the shortest time possible. This will help in generating leads for your business since you will be responding to the right email at the right time.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about your marketing automation because this tool will automatically send series of emails immediately to your prospects.

Our marketing automation software sends automated emails to specific customers when a particular event or action takes place. The tool enables you to send birthday messages and welcome messages to your subscribers and to customers that have bought your products.

Manage All Marketing Campaigns From Single Place

With the aid of our free marketing automation software, you can start different campaigns such as social media marketing and email marketing amongst others, for your business.

The tool can handle and manage all your campaigns on a single platform thereby maximizing the ROI for your business. The software also features “Analytics and Reporting” which enables you to track all the activities of your marketing campaigns and generating the necessary reports for your campaigns. This will go a long way in supporting the growth of your business.

Why Saleoid’s Marketing Automation Software Is Better Than Others?

Marketing automation involves the process, practice, technique strategy as well as the methodology employed in marketing. The “automatic segmentation” feature embedded in Saleoid’s marketing automation software helps to automatically segment your targeted audience based on their behavior, preferences, demographics and product. Our tool will also enhance your B2B and B2C marketing automations. Other advanced features included in our tool will also help in generating leads for your business thereby improving your business conversion rate.