Saleoid's Privacy Policies

Please go through all before signing up.


Saleoid isdevoted to safeguarding the privacy of information and data collected from our website users. ThisPrivacy Policyapplies to our websites, customer service portal, our applications, Customer websites and our mobile applications. We hope that you have read, understood and agreed to our Privacy Policy by using our website and services.


Here is the information Saleoidmay collect, use and storefrom users/customers for usage on this website or our customer websites:

  • 1. Contact Information/Details: We may collect user/customer’s name, phone number, address, email address, etc. when signing up or filling order purchase.
  • 2. Your Billing details and company information As part of details needed for thesign-up process with us; we might require details like Company’s Name, Size, Address, Profit, Revenue, and Tax Id and other helpful information.
  • 3. Website Information: We may require the following website information from you when you visit our website: Your IP Address, location,Operating System, Referral source, links clicked, pages visitede.t.c.

    A user needs to add a script that allows Saleoid to fetch information from the website and send it to Saleoid. By using Saleoid, a user agrees and give Saleoid the right to fetch information/data from their website.


    Saleoid collects information about your Website Navigation Behavior through website visit tracking tools like:


    A cookie is a small piece of data like a text file sent from our web server and stored on your computer while you are browsing through our website. We use Cookies to enhance our service when you visit our websites. This means when you visitour website in the future;your browsing data will be stored in the cookie,and we can use it to retrieve information.Not limited to your browser, IP address but also your previous activity and so on.

    Cookies will not contain any malicious code, virus orexecutable software. Also, cookies will notreveal your personal identity. They can only establish the source of requests to our website servers. Many browsers have the capability reject auto-storage or accept of Cookies. You canset your browser settings to your choice.

    Although, we encourage you to leave Cookies selection enabled. As this will help our website personalize your dataand this will save your time in finding relevant information while browsing through our websites.

    Web Beacon

    We useWeb Beacon or Web Bugs in our website and email messages to check theefficiency of our content. A web beacon is a tiny image rooted on our web page to track online movements of our website users. It works similarly to Cookies, but it is not stored on your computer. Web beacon helps us to keep track any email been opened by any user.

    Web beacon helps us to know your interest and develop our content. It doesn’t reveal your personal data nor propagate any harmful content.


    Information collected from you can be used as follows:

    • 1. To offer you the services through our website.
    • 2. To reach you in regarding marketing, selling or informing about our affiliates features and services.
    • 3. To carry out surveys about our features and services
    • 4. To check update on your creditworthiness
    • 5. To send you relevantly promoting material about our features and services
    • 6. To collect payment updates from you

      We will not share your personal information with anyone except as explained in this policy.

      We will use Tech Standard security tools and procedures to protect accuracy and privacy of your personal data and prevent illicit access to it. We take soundtechnical efforts to protect your personal data.Although, information sent over the internet is normally vulnerable from security threats that may be beyond our control. For this reason, we may not guarantee the security of information transmitted over the internet.

      Important information like passwords is encryptedbefore storing them in our database. Although, it is your responsibility to keep your passwords safe from unauthorized third parties. We may make use of your username, passwords or any other details in our database to incorporate with our service providers. However, we will ensure secure your transmitted information in such integrations are secured by fortifiedtechnologies like SSL. Although security of data during transmission outside our servers are not guaranteed.

      Our credit card processing merchant makes use of securedsafeguarding measures to protect your card information during transactions and after. Our card merchantis certified as compliant with card association security operatives.


      Your information will be kept throughout the time we are providing services to you. If you cancel/deactivate your account with us;your data will be retained for your backup purposes for just one month from cancellation date after it will be destroyed. Although, we will stillkeep any data for as long as needed to fulfill laws or enforce our rights.


      Our website may include links to some third party website. Our privacy policy will not apply to them.


      Saleoid reserves the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be immediately effective after publication at


      We try our best at Saleoid to keep all information and data accurate and updated, as long as you provide us with the details we need to have. If your informationlike email address changes, then you should notify us such change(s). Upon your demand, we will give you and information if we are holding, or process your personal detailswith a third party.

      We will keep your details for as long as your account is active or as long as needed to offer you with our Features/Services. We may also keep and use your details to check compliance with our legal requirements, prevent abuse, resolve disputes, and also enforce our Agreements.

      On your Personal details, we do share with our advertising partners; you have options to opt-out of this sharing.You can do this by changing your cookie settings.


      This agreement and terms shall be administered by and interpreted by the laws of the of state Punjab, India. Any involved parties agree that any proceedings brought under or in connection with this agreement and terms will be conveyed in the courts of competent jurisdiction located in the State of Punjab, Indian. In any attempt or action to enforce rights under the Agreement, the prevailing party will be responsible for recuperating costs and attorneys’ fees.