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Build and send targeted emails to your audience with our email marketing software. You will be able to attract new customers and then start targeted email marketing campaign for your business. You will also be able to track your emails and generate qualified leads.
Email marketing tool

How Email Marketing Can Help you?

Email marketing is the best way to stand out you from the crowd. For that you have to follow some basic steps such as to make a unique email format with attractive subject line, send the right email to the right person at a right time and track the receiver activities. You can do all these tasks with the help of best Email Marketing software.


Use the existing high quality & attractive email design template or make your own email templates with the help of our email marketing software. There are some more advanced features of this software, which make it better than others.

Create And Track Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Our free email marketing software gives you the opportunity to create new email campaigns and track the existing ones.

You can start new campaigns by filling the available fields on the “create campaign” form. You can then edit the other fields from the campaign dashboard. You can also track your campaigns through three options which include “Track open emails,” “Track HTML clicks,” and “Trace links.”

The unique aspect of our email marketing software is that you can easily integrate the social media networks on into your campaigns. The users’ activities will be tracked thereby making your email marketing efforts to be effective.

Use Pre-Build Email Template Design

Our free email marketing software is also unique due to the pre-build email template design feature that it has. The pre-build email template designs are provided in one place. All the designs are mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

The pre-build templates make it easy for those without any technical knowledge to use for creating their campaigns. The designs contained in our email marketing software will give your marketing efforts positive results. You will be able to easily edit the heading of the email template and also customize the design of the theme.

Design an Eye Catchy Email Templates to Attract Others

One of the most important features of our email marketing tool is the unique opportunity it gives you to design email templates based on your marketing preference and target customers. You will also be able to convert HTML email design into email-ready inline CSS in line with the needs of your business and the preferences of the designer.

Also, you can use the stored images and upload them to design the template. This tool also comes with different fonts that can be used while designing your template. You can also store the designed template for future use.

Store Recipient Contact Information for Future Reference

The email marketing tool provided by Saleoid also gives you the opportunity to add, delete, edit and save the different recipients’ information in a single place. You can categorize your recipients into different groups. This implies that, based on a particular event or customer’s interest, you can create different groups and send auto responder emails when the need arises.

You can save the contact information for future use and can also contact them to boost your sales. You can also use these recipients to start your marketing campaign and can also track particular group activities through our email marketing tool.

Send Different Email Template- basis of Preference

Once you have created your unique template designs based on different events and users’ preferences, you can send targeted auto responder emails to your customers to achieve your marketing goals.

This tool will suggest the best email format that is suitable for any particular event and offer. It will also enable you to know the best and worst email formats for your business growth.

You can schedule your auto responder emails and send them to your subscribers to convert leads into successful sales. You can also track the interactions of the receivers with the emails once sent.

Track the Sent Emails to Improve the Conversion Rate

It is important to track and analyze your marketing strategies. Our free email marketing software comes with an automatic analytics tool that enables you to track your email marketing efforts.

The tool will track and analyze the emails that are sent to your users. You will be able to know the number of users that have clicked and view your emails. You will also know the number that registered and subscribed through your emails.

The information provided by the tracking details will enable you to determine the number of leads that are generated through each email. You will also be able to know the most suitable email format and best subject line that resonate well with your subscribers.s.

Why Saleoid’s Email Marketing Software Is Better Than Others?

Saleoid provides the best email marketing software that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your email marketing strategies. The tool was developed under the full support and guidance of our marketing experts. Our online email marketing tool comes with great features that will help in targeting the right audience at the right time. You will also be able to preview your email so that you can be rest assured that it is opening in all the browsers.

Our email marketing tool also has a HTML validation feature that helps in checking the syntax errors in emails. These tools make the tool more effective and unique when compared to other email marketing software.