Content Marketing Tool

Content marketing involves creating and sharing content such that it easily converts visitors into customers. It’s majorly targeted towards nurturing the rapid growth of a business. Content marketing is not limited to selling products but also enlightening and educating the users. This process can be aided through the use of our content marketing software.
Content marketing tool

How Content Marketing Tool Can Help Us?

Content helps to achieve business goals, but, it is time consuming as well. So, to make this method easier & effective, marketers build the content marketing tool. This tool helps in making a perfect content marketing plan and also helps to organize, distribute & analyze the content.


Attract visitors towards your website and blog by creating high quality content with the help of this tool. There are some unique features of the saleoid’s content marketing tool that make it different from others

Use Editor to Create Impressive Content

Our content marketing software has an inbuilt software that helps you to easily create high quality contents for your website. The tool will suggest the best image for your content thereby making your content more impressive and effective.

The free content marketing software will also give you creative content marketing ideas. It will also suggest different titles (that are search engine-friendly) for you.

The tool will also check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other errors in your content. The tool also suggests the overall character in the content as well as the missing quality fields.

Optimize Your Content With Recommendation

Our free content marketing software will help optimize your content and will also provide recommendations regarding your content. It gives recommendations based on the keywords, quality of content, duplication of content, internal links and other factors that will make your content unique, relevant and attractive.

The tool will recommend the quality factors needed for your content. Our content optimization service will give you an idea about the quality of your content and its effect on your business. You will be able to create and edit unlimited number of articles, blogs and product description from a single tool.

Schedule Your Post and Publish Anywhere

You need an effective promotion strategy to make the world to be aware of your business. Thus, you need to publish your content in different platforms once the content has been created. The content marketing tool provided by Saleoid helps you to schedule and publish your content automatically without you interfering.

The tool will show you the preview of your content so that you can easily pinpoint any changes that need to be done before the post is published. The tool will publish your posts on the websites and social media platforms of your choice. You will also be able to track the activity of users on your contents.

Integrate Your Content With Email And Social Media

Our content marketing software is integrated with email marketing and social media marketing so that you can easily create impressive contents for your users. The tool will also enable you to create an eye-catching content for emails and the social media. You will also be able to share your content on different social media platforms.

Saleoid has built the content marketing software such that it will improve your email marketing by being able to create different email formats and generate unique subject lines for your emails. The tool will also improve your social media marketing by creating content for describing any blog, image, article, video or other posts while being able to share all those contents on various social media platforms from a single platform.

Why Saleoid’s Content Marketing Tool Is Better Than Others?

Most marketers make use of content marketing to promote their business. Saleoid’s content marketing software will help to optimize your content in a better manner. The software has great features that will benefit your business. It also has the ability to optimize your content based on your selected keywords. The tool also makes contents responsive on all devices. There’s an option to use CTA in your content to generate leads for your business.

Our tool gives you the opportunity to integrate your content with social media marketing, email marketing and lead management. The tool will promote and make your content more effective.