Landing Page Builder Tool

Design and create the perfect landing page for your website using our landing page builder within few minutes. The landing page will help convert your prospects into leads.
Landing Page design Tool

How Our Landing Page Builder Can Help Us?

Get the huge amount of crowd on the website, after designing the impressive landing page with the help of our landing page design tool. Also, check & differentiate the quality of every landing page by doing A/B testing.
Template Design

Easily use & customize the landing page design for different events & offers. Some tools has inbuilt template design & other gives you the designing opportunity.

A/B Testing

Design & track the different landing page templates. Check the performance of each landing page & find out the best one that can generate more leads.

Publish Anywhere

Easily publish the landing page anywhere on the website or in the social media networks and evaluate the performance of your landing page.


Design or create your own landing page template and publish it, all through a single tool. Saleoid’s landing page design tool has great features that make it stand out as unique.

Use Pre-built Templates To Create Awesome Landing Page

Landing page is the most important component of a website. It is useful in growing your business effectively. Thus, it needs to be attractive and well-designed. Our landing page builder will enable you to build attractive landing pages for your websites so that you can generate more leads.

Our landing page builder comes with different landing page templates that you can use to easily build a landing page for your website within seconds. You can choose any template based on your taste and can also create a customized landing page that will capture more leads for your business.

Design Your Own Landing Page Using Drag & Drop Editor

With our landing page builder, you will be able to edit the existing landing page template and also design new ones. The drag and drop interface of the tool makes it easy to easily choose any element and use it for designing your page.

The tool comes with different formatting and editing options that can be used for designing the page to your taste. You can also upload images, use the saved images, edit images and also resize them based on the preferences of your business. This will go a long way in designing an attractive landing page for your website to generate more leads.

Easy to Set the Landing Page Title & Description

Our landing page builder makes it easy to create and edit contents on the landing page. This unique feature will make your content attractive to visitors. With the aid of our free landing page builder, you will be able to add, edit and delete the content of your landing page.

The tool comprises content fields such as meta description field amongst others. The tool will make it easier for you to set your page content in a manner that it will be suitable for your marketing strategies and preferences.

Publish Our Landing Pages Directly To Your Website Or Download The HTML/CSS

Our tool makes it easy for you to publish your landing page either on our domain or your domain and can also make it go live. The tool gives you a single platform where you can build and publish the landing pages for your website.

The free landing page builder will also provide detailed report of your page. It will provide information such as when the landing page was created, who created it, when it was updated and by whom and amongst others.

Landing Page Analytics

Our free landing page builder will also help in generating report for your website. Such report reveals the activities on your website thereby enabling you to know the conversion rate of your landing page, number of visitors that visited the page as well as the number of visitors that clicked on the page.

It also generates a graphical information for easy understanding. The graph reveals the trends in sales, traffics and other details on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This will help you to know if your landing page is useful to your business or needs to be improved.

Why Saleoid’s Landing Page Builder Is Better Than Others?

Landing page is a very important component of your website since it drives visitors to your website. An attractive landing page, thus, plays an important role in generating relevant leads and in converting them into sales. Our landing page builder will enable you to build impressive and awesome landing pages for your websites. The tool comes with advanced features that will capture more prospects towards your business.

The tool has the unique ability of publishing your landing page after it has been successfully created. The landing page can either be published on your domain or subdomain.