Lead Management System

Manage your leads in a smarter way using our lead management system. It nurtures, manages, automates lead scoring process and also assigns positive or negative score to your prospects.
Lead management sysrem

How Lead Management System Can Help Us?

Lead management system is important for lead management & tracking the overall information about your leads. It segments & filters the qualified leads in process to improve the conversion rate.
Automated Captured

Automatically capture the contact information from campaign respondent through emails, landing pages, social media networks, etc.

Segment & Scoring

Automatically segment the leads & score the leads on the basis of demographic, interest & filter the qualified leads.

Reporting & Analytics

Track the conversion statistics, acquisition rates, etc. and evaluate the quality of leads to improve the conversion rate.


Get aware of some of the advanced features of Saleoid’s free lead management software that helps in generating relevant leads for your business and thus improves the conversion rate.

Lead Management With Integrated CRM

As experts in lead management system, our free lead management software will generate leads from different marketing campaigns such as social media marketing and email marketing amongst others for your business. It will also handle and manage the leads in one place.

The free lead management software integrates with different highly effective CRM systems that help in managing the whole sales cycle. The integration of CRM with our lead management system will help to rapidly improve your business revenue rate.

Import Your Leads From Various Channels

Importing leads into a single place is a daunting task. To simplify your marketing efforts, we have developed an automatic lead management tool to import your leads from different channels. It decreases the time required to collect and analyze your data and also, segment your leads.

Saleoid lead management software imports all the leads from various social media profiles or CSV files into one place decreasing your efforts. This will also help in differentiating the qualified leads and in reducing redundancy issue thereby converting the leads into sales.

Score Your Leads To Find Potential Leads

Lead scoring is an advanced feature of our lead management software. The software will help you in assigning positive and negative scores to the leads based on their demographics, behavior and preference factors. The lead with the highest score is highly engaged and ready to buy your product or service.

The lead management system that we have built through our free lead management software will help you to differentiate between qualified and unqualified leads. You will be able to score your leads and put those leads in the lead management system to separate the qualified leads.

Nurture Your Leads For High Conversion Rate

Lead nurturing is an important feature of our lead management software. The software will help in attracting and engaging the users that are interested in your business. It will improve your communication with the qualified leads through different medium.

Lead management helps in converting your qualified leads into sales thereby increasing your business’s conversion rate. Our lead management software has an auto responder feature that will enable you to automatically send emails to prospects upon the occurrence of any event such as birthday messages and anniversary messages.

View Lead’s Behavior With Lead Life

Our free lead management software will give you an insight about the life cycle of the lead. You will be able to know how your lead was generated and how it engages with your business. It will guide you through the generation of your lead as well as its nurturing.

The software will also inform you about the activities of your leads such as the sources through which the leads were generated from and their score amongst others. These will go a long way in determining how your leads engage with your products and in also determining the leads that are interested in buying your product.

Easily Convert Your Leads into Qualified Leads

Our free lead management software will help convert your qualified leads into sales thereby maximizing the ROI for your business. Our free lead management software will easily generate leads for your business, segment leads and convert your leads into customers.

Our tool will also track your leads so that you have an insight about your leads. The lead management tool will separate and segment your leads into different groups and will also suggest you the leads that can be converted into sales.

Why Saleoid’s Lead Management System Is Better Than Others?

Our free lead management software is the most effective tool that helps in determining the qualified leads for your business and managing them to produce better results. The tool has a unique feature that helps in gathering new data whenever a visitor fills out a form. Gathering more information about your prospects will help in converting your leads into customers. The “lead scoring” feature in our tool helps in generating qualified leads for your business.

The lead scoring process will assign positive or negative scores to the leads based on your leads’ interest and preferences. This will go a long way in improving your marketing efficiency. This feature makes our lead management software more effective than others.