Saleoid's Terms & Conditions

Please go through all terms and conditions before signing up.


This TERMS AND CONDITIONS serves as a legally binding contract between you as a “USER/CUSTOMER” and Saleoid. These Terms and Conditions explains the terms and conditions backing up the use of Saleiod.

By accessing Saleoid’s service, it means you agreed to this TERMS AND CONDITIONS and will be BOUND BY ALL CONDITIONS AND TERMS HEREIN.

Saleoidreserves the right to review this Terms AND CONDITIONSat any time.


AGREEMENT: This agreement between Saleoid and its customer/buyers
USER/CUSTOMER: Individual who signed-up accountsand are authorized to access Saleoid’swebsite. Or an individual who pays to use the Saleoid’sWebsite/services
FEATURES/PRODUCTS(S): Services offered at Saleoid that a User/Customer can assess and purchase before or after signing-up
CONTRACT TERM: Duration of contract for which Saleoid needs to complete service(s) offered to its customer for an order.
BILLING: Billing rate
ORDER: An order is a form of confirmation comprising of terms &conditions of the Services that a procured by a customer from Saleoid
DATA: All the contact details and other information collected to Saleoid database during signing-up orother access. This doesn’tconsist of sensitive data.


A customer can purchase the right to access and use our features/software available at Feature/service purchase will be according to the billing and payment plans on Such service purchase will be detailed in the customer’s order.

Detailed information like the number of users, usage term, restrictions & limits, and other important information will be filledin the Purchase Order.

The use of Saleoid features/services is backed by the terms of this Agreement.Purchasing an order once does not permit customers access to another features/servicesonSaleoid without extra payment for the new service/feature.



Use of features/services can be limited asexplainedon the website and may be more detailed in order. A client gets 500 contacts and 5000 emails in his base pack for 1 agency where he can send only 10% of the total emails a day. Extra features/services used if technically permittedmay lead to extra billing or suspension of customer Saleboid’s account or both. Emails and contacts don’t get rolled over to next month, but only for a month.


Customers agree that; No customer should:
  • give service/feature access to a third party except forSaleboid’s authorized users
  • sell, or lease Saleoid’s services/features unless clearly allowed in and order purchased
  • use the features/services to save or transmit, unlawful or tortious material, infringing, or materials violating third-party privacy rights,
  • Deliberately Load Test any Saleoid features/services or use the features/services in any way that could damage, or impair our provision of such services.
  • reverseor alterwith Features/Services or access features/Services to build a competitive product/service.
  • need to make sure you send emails to your clients or leads that you have got with opt-ins


Saleoid will only use Customer/User Data collected for Services/Features provisioncustomer support.Saleoidwill not edit Customer/User Data. Our “Privacy Policy backs all access to user/customer information at Although there are exclusions to lawful disclosure of data.

Saleoid may use customer’s details like name, website address or Logo in its sales material including email campaigns, brochures, website, etc. during or after active purchased order. If a customer doesn’t want Saleoid to use its details for marketing,he can make a request to sales contact at Saleoid.

Customer approves that Saleoid has right to access and process customer data at any location of Saleoid, its partners, service providers and affiliates.

Saleoid will preserve appropriate technical, physical, and administrative protections for the security, discretion, and privacy of Customer Data.

Customer will prevent unauthorized access to the Service and Customer Data.

Customer is responsible to provide computers, computer operating system and web browser to access Services.

Customer shall consume the Services only for its own internal business operations, and not for the operation of a service bureau or time-sharing service, or otherwise for the benefit of a third party.


To be eligible to use Saleoid, you must:

  • be (18) years old and above and be able to understand contracts;
  • register completely;
  • agree to Saleoid’sTerms and conditions,
  • provide correct, adequate, and updated contact information.

By using Saleoid, you agree and warrant that you meet all the criteria listed above, and you won’t use Saleoid in any wayagainst any laws or regulations. Saleoid reserves the right to refuse service, deactivate accounts of any user, and review eligibility requirements at any time.


Saleoid’sTerm startsyou immediately sign up for Saleoid and continue toFeatures/Service using. Entering your username and primary details and continuing to sign – up means you’ve legitimately “signed” the Terms. If you sign up for Saleoidfor a company or other entity, you represent and agree that you are eligible to accept Saleoid’s Terms on their behalf.


A client can choose to close his account whenever he wants where we keep his data for 15 days on our servers so he can take backup. No refund will be given in any case. We may permanently deactivate your account and all its detailsfrom our website. If you didn’t access your account for 12 months or more, we may consider your account as “inactive” and permanently deactivate the account and all its details from our website.


Saleoid may decide to change/review any of its terms, condition or policy by updating the revised version of Terms and Conditions on our website at and sending to the last email address submitted to us on the website. Saleoid reserves the right to change its website, the features/services, at any time.


As a user/customer on Saleoid, it’s yourdutyto keep your account name and password confidential. It’s also your responsibilityto notify us if there’s any unauthorized use or access to your accounts. Saleoid will not be responsible for any loss from stolen/lost or hacked passwords. For security reasons,we don’t have access to your password; we may only reset your password.


Saleoid doesn't interfere with working relationships or your organization arrangement or personal relationships; that’s why we won’t adjudicate account possession disputes. We will not give you access to information about another person’s account nor resolve any account-related disputes directly with a third party. We made decisions about the owner of an accountthrough the details on that account, and in the case of multiple people or bodies identified in the content, we’ll decide withthe information listed for such account.


Using the site is free for the first 14 days with no credit card required. After which a customer needs to opt for a package that can be for asingle agency, upto 3 agencies or upto 5 agencies for which he needs to pay in advance.After this customer’s credit card will be charged automatically after 30 calendar days from the date of making the previous payment. Each payment will be schedule as it will be describedduring an order purchase.

The fee applicable to each billing cycle will be paid at the beginning of the billing cycle and renewed at the purchase of another order. Each plan charges are updated on our website and may be reviewed/changed from any time. Each billing is due for on the same or closest date first payment date. If you order/subscribedover yourbilling cycle for another pricing level, then you’ll pay at the higher pricing level on or before the next available paying day. If the agreement/term ends before the payment are due, you will be required to make a payment at the higher payment level.

Any paid fee isnon-refundable, and payment obligations cannot be cancelled unless exceptions are provided in the purchase order in thisagreement.


Customer agrees to submit precise Credit card, Debit card or Bank detailsduring the payment process. If there is any change in any payment information, the customer should endeavor to update Saleoid so as to reflect in theprocessing of current payment and subsequent billing cycles. Failure to update payment changed payment information may lead to termination or suspension of customer account


Saleoid website supports all major electronic modes of payments. Check our sign – up page for more details.Payment Information.


Saleoid will give Fifteen (15) days credit before terminating an account in case of non- payment.


In case if his emails quote is exhausted he can buy more emails as Add-ons for which a customer needs to pay at the time of purchase.

The purchased add-ons won't get rolled over to next month where you will be billed for anadd-on to use second time along with the subscription fee for the following month.

For example: If a user paid on 10th Jan 2017 for his subscription ($49) and purchased an add-on for 10,000 emails on 20th Jan 2016 ($10). In the next billing cycle, he will be billed $49 - Basic pack + $10 for email add-on making a total billed amount of $59 on 10th Feb 2017


No refund will be issued once the order has been placed. We can have the down time of the site sometimes and no user can ask for refund or anything else during this period.



Any customer will respect our proprietary rights on the website and the software used on Saleoid. Our proprietary rights comprise our patents, service marks, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.A customer will only use our brand properties according to our guidelines.


You have the right and permission to use all material and information in your emails. You retain ownership of anyinformation and materials that you upload to the Saleoid website. We will onlyuse or release your information and materials as described in our Terms andConditions and Privacy Policy.


As we provide the dedicated account manage we reserve the right to access any account and make changes on the account on client’s behalf also we reserve the right to view campaigns in case they have high bounce or complaint rate.


General Instructions

As a user/customer you promise to adhere to these rules:

  • 1. You will not send any spam contents
  • 2. You will not use bought, rented, third-party lists of email addresses on Saleoid.
  • 3. You will comply with our Terms and Conditions while using our site

We may suspend, terminate or delete your account if you violate any of these rules


You have the right to report anyone violating any of our Terms to us immediately. If you received spam from a Saleoid user, please report immediately to our customer support. If anyone posted any information material that violates any copyrights,notify us immediately.


Our bandwidth should only be usedfor your Saleoidemails. Our image and data hosting are only for your email campaigns.You should not host images on Saleoid servers for other purposes. This may result to throttling your sending/connection through our API at any time.


You accept full obligation for any damage that results from your using ourwebsite and the features/services, as well as any downloads from our website. Saleoid will not be responsible for any punitive, special, or direct momentous loss under any situation.


Saleoid is not responsible for the conduct or act of any advertisers, linked websites, or other associated sites. Except as clearly stated here, neither you nor Saleoid makes any warranties whether implied, express, statutory, and each party explicitly disclaims all implicit warranties, with any of warranties of merchantability or suitability for a specific purpose, to the extent allowed by applicable law. The services provided by Saleoid are without warranty or any other condition. Except where specifically provided otherwise by Saleoid.


Saleoid will defend, indemnify and hold user/customer inoffensive against any damage, loss or costs (including equitable attorneys’ fees) incurred in connection with demands, suits, proceedings or claims brought against Customer by a third party asserting that the use of the Services as considered hereunder interfere with the intellectual property privileges of a third party; if, that Customer

(I) swiftly sends aformal written notice of such Claim to Saleoid (II) gives Saleoid exclusive control of such defense and clearance of the Claim (in as much that Saleoid may not resolve or defend any Claim except it completely releases Customer of all responsibilities); and (III) provides to Saleoid, at Saleoid’s cost, all equitable support.

Customer will defend, indemnify and hold Saleoid inoffensive against any damage, cost or loss (as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred in association with Claims brought against Saleoid by a third party claiming that Customer Data, or Customer’s Features/Services use in misuse of this Agreement, trespasses the intellectual property rights of, or has else harmed, a third party or disrupts any regulation or law; as long as Saleiod

(I) swiftlysend a formal written notice of such claim to Customer;

(II) gives Customer main control of such defense and clearance of the claim (in as much that Customer may not resolve or defend any claim except it completely releases Saleoid of all responsibilities); and (III) provides to Customer, at Customer’s cost, all equitablesupport.


As used in this contest, “Confidential Information” implies all personal information released by a Disclosing Partyto the Receiving Party, be it oral or written, that is titled as confidential or that judiciously should be known to be confidential given the type of the information and the conditions of disclosure. Customer’s Confidential Information in the contest will include Customer’s Data; while Saleoid’sConfidential Information shall include the Features/Services. Confidential Information of each party will include the terms and conditions of this agreement and all orders purchased, with marketing and business plans, technical and technology information, designs and product plans, and business processes as related to such party. Although, Confidential Information,aside Customer’s Data, will not contain any information that:

  • (a). is or become known to the public without violating any obligation owed to the Disclosing Party
  • (b). was known to the Receiving Party preceding its disclosure by the Disclosing Party without violation of any responsibility owed to the Disclosing Party,
  • (c). is established by a third party without violation of any responsibility owed to the Disclosing Party, or
  • (d). was unconventionally established by the Receiving Party.


The Receiving Party should use the same level of caution that it uses to safeguard the discretion of its confidential information of the type (but should not be less than reasonable care)

(a). not use any Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information for otheruseaside the range of this agreement, and

(b). aside authorized by the Disclosing Party with a writing document, to reduce access to Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party to its Partners’ workers, agents, and contractorswho want such access for reasons reliable with this agreement and who have signed confidentiality contracts with the Receiving Party with protections no less strict than those herein.


This agreement and terms shall be administered by and interpreted by the laws of the of state Punjab, India.


All law will be for India and state Punjab


A user needs to add a script that allows saleoid to fetch information from the website and send it to saleoid. By using saleoid a user agrees and give saleoid the right to fetch information/data from their website.


Saleoid will not be held responsible for any failure or deferment in theperformance of any part/portion of our provided services/features, for any reason beyond our control. Causes like, changes to law or regulations, prohibitions, acts of God, war, terrorist acts, riots, fires, nuclear accidents, zombie apocalypse, floods, strikes, earthquakes, power blackouts, volcanic action, acts of hackers or third-party internet service providers and unusually bad weather conditions.


In case this Agreement is terminated, some sections hereinwill stillbe preserved. The sections are:

Our Proprietary Rights, Your Proprietary Rights, Liability Limitations,Indemnification, Governing Law, Notices and This Agreement.


All noticesand other required or allowed communication under this Agreement shall be received or given in formal writing to each party at their corresponding addresses through hand delivery, or certified mail return receipt demanded, or by nationwide recognized overnight delivery service. Another address or someone a required notice may be directed to can be designated by the notice party. All notices shall be effective upon reception. All notices sent or mailed in the above-describedmethod shall be considered provided for all purposes at the time as it is delivered to the recipient with the return receipt or the delivery reception being deemed definite, but not exclusive, evidence of such delivery or at that time as recipient refused delivery upon presentation.

To Customer: Name and Address as stated onOrder

To Saleoid:


This Agreement, with all exhibits and additions hereto and all order purchased, makes this entire agreement between you andSaleoid. It supersedes any other contemporary agreements, proposals or depictions, oral or writing, concerning all matter addressed herein. There should be no modification, alteration, or waiver of any part of this agreement shall be effective less formally writing and either signed or accepted electronically by the party against whom the alteration, amendment or disclaimer is to be asserted. Nevertheless, any language to the conflicting therein, no terms or conditions specified in your purchase order or other order documents – apartfrom Order form;will be integrated into or make any part of this contract, and all such terms and conditions shall be null and invalid.