Website Analysis Tool

Search Engine Optimization helps in website analysis by auditing your website and giving you information on how you can make your website search engine friendly so that it can rank on the search engines.
search engine optimization tool

How Website analysis Tool Can Help Us?

Without any manual efforts, now you can easily do the on-site analysis for your website. Our SEO tool provides many features from researching the keywords to the tracking the keywords performance.
Keyword Research

Optimize the best keywords for your website easily and quickly. Check your competitor’s ratio and the search volume of any keyword.

On Page Analysis

Analyze the performance of your website and determine the various SEO factors like page loading speed, meta tags, missing sitemaps, robots.txt file, etc.


Easily track the traffic sources and total traffic on your website with our website analysis tool. Define your traffic based on demographic, genders, age group and platforms amongst others.


Analyze and optimize your website according to Google guidelines with the help of Saleoid’s free search engine optimization tool. It offers great features that can help you to analyze and select the right keyword.

Research & Analyze The Best Keywords For Your Website

Keywords are crucial in ranking on any website. Searching for the right keywords is time-consuming and a daunting task. Our website analysis tool will save you time and effort in coming up with the perfect keywords that will rank well on the search engine results.

The tool carries out a free website analysis which helps you to know the average monthly searches, competition of keywords as well as suggested bid which will help you to determine the best keyword for your PPC campaigns.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Activities To Rank Better Than Others

Through our SEO services, we’ve been able to come up with a website analysis tool that will check the activities of your competitors as well as the marketing strategies that they are carrying out on their websites.

Information deduced from such free website analysis will enable you to determine how high your competitors’ websites rank on the search engines, the backlinks they have generated for their websites, their active social media accounts and the nature of contents they publish amongst others.

This will go a long way in improving your search engine optimization techniques thereby enabling your website to rank very well on the search engines.

Make Your Website Productive By Optimizing It

Our website analysis tool will help in optimizing your website and in making it search engine-friendly by improving its ranking. The tool will determine the various search engine optimization factors that are missing in your website.

The tool will enable you to know the percentage of errors on your website, the SEO issues on your website as well as the factors hindering your website from ranking on the search engines.

The free website analysis provided by our website analysis tool will help you to easily analyze all SEO-related factors such as canonical issue, keywords relevancy, the speed at which your website loads, meta-title and description, sitemaps and robots.txt file amongst others. Your website will be error-free and user friendly thereby improving your business growth.

Why Saleoid’s Search Engine Optimization Tool Is Better Than Others?

Search engine optimization techniques help in increasing the visibility and ranking of websites. Saleoid’s search engine optimization tool helps to achieve these is an easier way. We offer great features that improve the on-page analysis of websites and keyword research amongst others. The tool will measure and also optimize the effectiveness of your website.

Our website analysis tool will also help in generating analysis report for your website. The report will contain various recommendations that will help you to produce better results for your business. This will help you to easily identify the best and worst SEO practices on your website.